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Phil and Maryann perform weddings and funerals in the Seacoast region

NH Seacoast Wedding Officiants

A Spiritual Love is the Ministry of Reverends Maryanne McPherson-Boynton and Philip Boynton, a married couple that perform weddings, funerals and baptisms. Maryanne and Phil also guest-speak upon request.

A Spiritual Love Ministry and Services

We live in Hampton New Hampshire and service the New Hampshire Seacoast, Southern Maine and Northeastern Massachusetts region, therefore, we cover all three areas. Both Maryanne and Phil generally officiate weddings and funerals alone but are often asked to team-up and perform weddings and funerals together. Our clients have always been thrilled with the experience and results.

Religious or Non-Religious Services

Perhaps you have been looking for the perfect Justice of the Peace. Look no further for we are that and much more. Certainly, we’ll meet and work with you to develop a service that will be absolutely perfect for you. Our years of experience as officiants of weddings and funerals means we have developed a large amount of material to draw upon. So, we can work directly with anything you may create on your own and work it all into a ceremony we weave and blend together. Your service can be as religious or as non-religious as you like. We impose no boundaries.

Ordained Interfaith Ministers

Most importantly, we are in service to everyone regardless of age, race, religious affiliation, social status or sexual orientation. Because we are Ordained Interfaith Ministers we can draw upon virtually any spiritual or non-spiritual path that you desire. So, as a result, you’ll have a service that is unique and personalized just for you.

  • Let us help you craft a special service if you are religious, spiritual, agnostic or non-religious.
  • To reflect who you are as individuals and as a loving couple we will help you craft and customize the perfect wedding service.
  • Let your hearts speak from your unique joy and love and happiness. Together, we affirm that love is all there is.

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Serving New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts