Our Approach

Phil and Maryanne
Reverend Maryanne and Reverend Phil

In 2005 Rev. Maryanne founded A Spiritual Love. While meditating on love, marriage and oneness, the name “A Spiritual love” came to her. The intension behind the name is to offer non-traditional wedding services (along with the more traditional services as well) for couples who may not be “religious,” but wish to still become married through a meaningful, loving and joyful ritual.

“Spiritual” can be defined as “relating to, or consisting of spirit; incorporeal…of or relating to the spirit or soul, as distinguished from the physical nature.” When two people wish to join in marriage, it’s something they feel deeply within their hearts, yet it goes beyond the heart and can be viewed as a sacred and mystical experience.

A common and easy-to-grasp basis for getting married is found in the idea of two people becoming One (regardless of one’s religious affiliations). We serve Christian, unaffiliated, non-denominational secular and interfaith individuals and their families. We respect and honor all faith traditions, personal beliefs, and sexual orientations, and we seek to help people find deeper meaning in their vows and their lives.

We want the magic of love to prevail because it is through love and true friendship that we celebrate this soul bond, this intimate commitment.

We celebrate the sacred meaning of marriage as a beautiful personalized spiritual experience rather than a stress filled journey of details.

We want your wedding to have meaning for both of you with a ceremony that is rich with symbolism and tradition, or as simple and spiritual as our love service.

We have a huge selection of personalized vows, specific customs, special blessings and prayers, ceremonies like a rose ceremony, sand ceremony, hand-fasting ,and honoring lost family members from which you may choose. You will be able to create your own beautiful ceremony looking through our many choices. We can also work with you to create a ceremony that is totally unique to you and your basis for joining together as a married couple.



Serving New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts