Pet Memorials

A Loving Pet
Pet Eulogies
  • At pet crematories, pet cemeteries, back yard funerals, in home services w/urns.
  • Scattering of ashes ceremonies

We make personal services that recollect their great personalities and those shared moments. We rejoice in this complete, unconditional love and pure love and pure joy, and happiness that touched our lives, and made our lives fuller.

Since love never really dies, and together is forever, these companion animals (our fur babies) live in our hearts, as we do in theirs.

We are part of the world of nature, and share with all other creatures the cycle of life and death. There is a time to be born, to grow, to flourish, and to die. We need to emphasis the beauty of life.


  • local travel- $200
  • over 25 miles- $250


Serving New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts