The decision to baptize a child is entirely up to the parents.  Many times the baby is baptized into the faith of his/her guardians.  For those who do not claim any particular religion, but worship God in a spiritual way, they may choose to have their child baptized with light or love.

America families are composed of many religious backgrounds or none at all.   Many interfaith couples are seeking private rituals that will honor the religious philosophies of both parents

Anyone at any age can be baptized, and it is not necessary that the ritual of baptism takes place in a church.

The baptism ritual can be performed in a home, hall, park, etc.  However, the place you select should be special.  So when your child looks back on it, he/she will be proud of where it was held and how it was executed.

We offer customized baby ceremonies so that you can incorporate your beliefs into the celebration.

  • We prefer to focus on the delight of the child’s birth to all present, and the blessings that that child will bring into the world. We celebrate the child born in Original Blessing not original sin.
  • We will pray for protection, health and wholeness, fulfillment, happiness and long life.
  • We will use rose petals or Holy water to bless the child.

Baptismal Rates:

  • local travel- $250
  • Over 25 Miles- $300



Serving New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts