Marriage requirements


  • You do not need to be a resident of NH in order to be legally married in NH.
  • A marriage application may be filed for in any town or city within the state of NH.
  • Any couples wishing to marry in NH must appear together at the town/city clerk’s office as both signatures are required.
  • Call your clerk’s office for exceptions foe military personnel unable to appear in person.
  • All couples will be required to pay a marriage license fee.
  • Both applicants will need to supply proof of age and divorce if applicable.


  • ID Requirement
  • Waiting Period:

Massachusetts has a three (3) day waiting period. You may go to court and obtain a court order to waive the three day waiting period .If either of you are close to death, or if the bride is near the end of her pregnancy, a request by your attending physician or clergyperson would suffice and the clerk can issue the license immediately without a court order.

  • Previously Married People:

No special requirements. However, Some Mass. county web sites state no restriction, others state that you must wait 90 days after your divorce is final before remarrying.

  • There is a marriage license fee. Each Mass. community can set their own fees.
  • There are no other tests
  • Under 18- If you are under 18 years old, you will need a court order from either a probate court or district court in locale where you live in order to apply for a marriage license.


• ID Requirement. Picture ID such as a driver’s license along with a certified copy of your birth certificates. You should know your social security numbers. You should both also know your parent’s full name, mother’s maiden name, and the states in which you were born.

• Application Requirement. Both the bride and the groom must appear in person at the time of applying.

• Residency Requirement. If both persons reside in the State of Maine, in the same municipality, they need to file with their municipal clerk. If both persons reside in the Stae of maine, in separate municipalities, the must file with a least ONE municipal clerk, they do not need to file with both. If one party to a marriage is a resident and one party resides outside the State of Maine, then they need to file intentions at the office of the clerk where the resident resides. If both parties to a marriage are non-residents of the State of maine, then they must file intentions at ANY municipal office in the State of Maine and then they are free to marry anywhere in the state.

• Prviously Married People. Previously married people still must provide certified documentation showing that their previous marriage has ended and they are free to marry.

• Fees. $10.00 PER PERSON, a total of $20.00 This charge does not include the cost of a certified copy of the marriage certificate after the marriage is solemnized. The bride and groom are responsible to purchase that after the license has been filed. The fees for that are:
• $7.00 at the municipal office level ($3.00 for additional copies ordered at the same time)
• $10.00 at the state level ($4.00 for additional copies ordered at the same time)

• Under 18.
• A license shall not be issued to anyone under the age of 18 without written parental consent
• A license shall not be issued to anyone under the age of 16 without written parental consent and judge consent

• Cousin Marriage. Yes. First cousins may marry in Maine provided they present the municipal clerk with a certificate of genetic counseling from a physician.

• Waiting Period. No waiting period.

• Other tests. No blood test requirement.


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