Special Touches

Enhancing Your ceremony
Enhancing Your Ceremony

We offer a variety of rituals and special enhancements to help you truly create a unique, memorable, and deeply meaningful wedding ceremony:

  • Use of rose petals encircling a couple to symbolize eternal love; where there is no beginning and no end
  • Ringing of the Tibetan Chimes which attracts the powers of Unity, Universal Love and Oneness
  • Reading of poetry e.g., Dante, “the Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran, the Apache Blessing, etc.
  • Special Songs, Native American Flute, Brass or Crystal Singing Bowls
  • Unity candles: Two lighted candles symbolize your separate lives, lighting the center candle together represents your two lives joined into one light.
  • Sand Ceremony
  • Children Services: “Yours, mine & ours!” – a service which include children, and help them feel that they are an integral part of the ceremony….because they are such important parts of your new life together.
  • Rose Ceremony: The couple gives each other a red rose in the ceremony as their first gift. A red rose means “I love you.”


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