Wonderful Service
“Thank you Rev. Maryanne for the wonderful service. Having the flexibility to personalize our own wedding meant a great deal to us.” — Dr. Jackie and Bryann”
Exactly what we wanted
“THANK YOU! Everyone commented on your kind manner, which really made them all feel involved and helped them reflect on their own marriages and life journey. It’s evident that it was important to you to make our event exactly what we wanted and an accurate description of us. It was a blessing from above that we fell upon your website. Someone must have been looking out for us, knowing exactly what we were looking for.” — Scott and Wendy
Moving and unique
“Thank you for sharing our special day with us. You really made the wedding service moving and unique. We received many compliments about how it was conducted. The organization of the rehearsal down to the recommendations and options of ceremony were invaluable. Thank you for being wonderfully available and flexible with the arrangements.” — Travis and Michelle
The most beautiful remembrance ceremony
“Reverends Phil and Maryanne created the most beautiful remembrance ceremony for the 10th anniversary of my dad’s death. It included such lovely words by Maryanne, songs that my dad loved during his lifetime sung by Phil himself with his guitar, and opportunities for family and friends to say their own words. Maryanne and Phil were so sweet to everyone, friends and family members felt so at home and comfortable. I know my father, on the other side, was as pleased as could be and absolutely loved it as well.“ Julia Sinclair
Light-hearted, yet heart-felt
“I have been setting up a memory box from our wedding today, so I was very nostalgic going through everything. I was thinking about you and how wonderful you made the ceremony for us. So many people commented on how light-hearted, yet heart felt the ceremony was. I have been reading through the guest book and there were so many nice comments. I wanted to let you know that if ever you want a reference from us, I would be very glad to provide one. Particularly if you have any gay couples that specifically want a gay reference. You did a wonderful job, and I would like to thank you by telling anyone who is interested. Feel free to have people call me or email me. I am happy to call them back. — Shaun and Charlie
I had goosebumps.
The other night, we looked at the wedding video. I had goosebumps. It’s important for me to reflect on that moment, as so much was happening right after we got married. Don’t want to forget our vows~~ever. Hope you and Phil are doing great! Love Phil’s pictures. He did a super job! — Jackie and Paul
A wonderful experience
“Maryanne is a true professional and provided my family with a wonderful experience while guiding the baptism of our son Jake. Her kind words and attention to detail were much appreciated. I would recommend her services!” — Michael Lorenzo
Two amazing people
“Reverend Maryanne and Reverend Phil were two amazing people that we chose on one of the most special days of our lives. The spiritual energy they brought to us, their beautiful talent and smiles gave our entire family and friends a memory them as well as we will never forget. Thank you for being a part of our special day.” — Erica and James Fradsham
A ceremony that was completely personal
“So many folks at our wedding said it was the best wedding they had attended in a long time. Much of that was due to the ceremony that Rev. Maryanne worked with us to design and preside over, a ceremony that was completely personal to us, filled with just the right words of love for one another, gorgeous music designed and played by Rev. Phil, and a truly meaningful spiritual event to share with our friends and family.” — Lynn and Ruthie